31 years old 178 cm Capricorn Present: IRVING

The 1988-01-01 | | | free profession high school: monthly income less than 4000 | | looking for divorce male confidant  

Honest, kind, I look for my other half, he loves me, I love his man, mature and steady, give me a sense of security man  

My appearance, charming and delicate lovely my status: exchange of body and mind to find romantic interests and hobbies: love embrace ki

My appearance: charming delicate and lovely  

My current situation: body body communication to find romance  

Hobbies: love, hug, kiss, flirt, pursue excitement, travel, shopping, surf the Internet, party, make friends  

My personality: cheerful, lively, gentle, self-willed, gentle, virtuous, kind, sincere, considerate, innocent, gentle, easy-going, love to make friends, love to stimulate  

Most attractive place: face beautiful legs beautiful hips movement hair  

House purchase: Confidential Smoking: Confidential  

Whether to buy a car: Confidential Whether to drink alcohol: confidential  

Willing to provide each other with: emotional and life help  

Intimate attitude: simply care about each other, believe in love over time and desire to have a stable and sincere relationship  

Care about each other: economic strength, integrity, personality, temperament, interest, heart communication  

I am looking for: male confidant intimate Time: Lover who knows each other (confidant)  

Intention of making friends: lover and confidant intimate concept: more reserved, passive need guidance  

Want help: emotional and life help  

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