Name:Colleen Couture

29-year-old Cancer living: Ronan

The 1990-06-27 | | monthly income of unemployment: less than 4000 | | looking for unmarried female confidant

I just want someone who won’t hurt me

This year 29 years old, my individual character is single-minded, responsible, sincere, appearance fat, kind, ordinary, like to sing at ordinary times, game, animation, to my lover bosom friend, hurriedly to add me, together happy date!  

My appearance: fat kind ordinary features  

My current situation: lonely desire dissatisfaction body and mind communication  

Hobbies: singing, games and animation  

My personality: responsible, sincere, kind, open and easy-going  

The most attractive place: personality movement dress language  

House purchase: Confidential Smoking: Confidential  

Whether to buy a car: Confidential Whether to drink alcohol: confidential  

Willing to provide each other with: Emotional help  

Intimate attitude: easily emotional life can not live without love and love believe that love grows over time  

Care about each other: appearance, figure, feelings, dedicated interests, heart communication, personality and temper  

I am looking for: female confidant intimate Time: Lover who knows each other (confidant)  

Making friends intention: lover bosom friend intimate concept: as long as you like, you can try  

Want help: emotional help  

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