Leo, 34, lives in CONROE

The 1985-08-12 | | chairman monthly income: more than 100000 | | looking for divorce male confidant  

34 years old this year, my personality is lively, gentle, considerate and fashionable appearance, temperament, slender, usually like to travel, shopping, dating, party intends to get married to me borrow platform for themselves to find a life partner, the following simple introduce myself to you first in 85 female, have their own career, divorced, and have a son, cars and house, hoping to find a decree by destiny people here,  I love life, positive, full of love to time, is a more love to laugh, bring you happiness, well, want to know more about me please add me we thin talk?  Intentional can add my contact information, : MBBL68 object, hurriedly to add me, happy date together!


My appearance: Stylish and slim  

My current situation: body and mind communication looking for romance looking for love looking for partner  

Hobbies: traveling, shopping, gathering, making friends, eating, swimming  

My personality: lively gentle considerate love to make friends  

Most attractive place: face beautiful legs beautiful hips movement hair  

House purchase: Confidential Smoking: Confidential  

Whether to buy a car: Confidential Whether to drink alcohol: confidential  

Willing to provide each other with: Emotional help  

Intimate attitude: simply care about each other, believe in love over time and desire to have a stable and sincere relationship  

Care about each other: economic strength, integrity, personality, temperament, interest, heart communication  

I am looking for: male confidant intimate Time: Lover who knows each other (confidant)  

Intention of making friends: Intimate concept of marriage object: more reserved, passive need guidance  

Want help: emotional help  

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