Taurus: 56 years old 170 cm 65 kg Taurus: Pensacola  

The 1962-05-01 type A PhD | | | | monthly income: 20000-40000 | not single | looking for A female confidant  

“Love publicity” is a joke, just hope to meet people who can talk, happy with each other.  

My appearance: gentle and gracious  

My present situation: lonely body and mind communication  

Hobbies: Embrace the pursuit of excitement online writing art literature  

My personality: mature, steady, kind, confident, passionate, humorous, talkative, sincere, romantic, optimistic, considerate, outgoing, easy-going, and easy-going  

The most attractive place: personality attitude language education  

Whether to buy a house: full purchase whether to smoke: no, very antipathy to smoking  

Buy a car or not: Buy a car in full or not: Don’t drink  

Be willing to provide: Emotional help  

Intimacy: pleasure seeking  

Care about each other: sincerity appearance body interest congenial  

I am looking for: female confidant intimate Time: Lover who knows each other (confidant)  

Making friends intention: lover bosom friend intimate concept: as long as you like, you can try  

Want help: emotional help  

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