Age 34, 168 cm, 44 kg Pisces: Little Rock  

Master of the 1986-03-20 | O | | | free profession monthly income: 40000-60000 | | looking for unmarried male confidant  

34 years old this year, my personality romantic, bright sunny, fresh, charming appearance, delicate, beautiful, usually like love, hug, kiss, I am interested in the marriage object, hurriedly to add me, together happy date!  

My appearance: charming delicate beautiful lovely fashion has temperament noble long hair love smile healthy slim figure plump legs beautiful concave and convex send  

My status: Lonely lonely life needs to find love longing for love to find a partner  

Hobbies: love, hugging, kissing, flirting, traveling, shopping, cruising, playing ball games, movies, romantic reading, movies, making money, fitness, beauty, running, swimming  

My personality: romantic exciting sunny fresh, cheerful, lively, gentle, gentle, virtuous, sincere, considerate, mature, reasonable, innocent, simple, gentle lady  

The most attractive place: face chest small pretty waist hip beautiful leg attitude action Dress Language education degree occupation eye nose mouth hair  

House purchase: Confidential Smoking: Confidential  

Whether to buy a car: Confidential Whether to drink alcohol: confidential  

Willing to provide each other with: emotional and life help  

Intimate attitude: simply care about each other, believe in love over time and desire to have a stable and sincere relationship  

Care about each other: economic strength, integrity, personality, temperament, interest, heart communication  

I am looking for: male confidant intimate Time: Lover who knows each other (confidant)  

Intention of making friends: Intimate concept of marriage object: more reserved, passive need guidance  

Want help: emotional and life help  

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