Learn How To Flirt More Effectively Without Trying Too Hard

Want to learn how to flirt more effectively? Has it been a while since you were in the dating scene or is it just your first time? Whether you are a dating pro or just entering the scene, it does help to come prepared. Flirting, like many other skills, can be acquired and learnt when effectively taught and understood.

Scientifically speaking, as human beings, we are hardwired to adhere to certain types of biological triggers and responses. When executed correctly, it could mean the difference between a successful night or going home frustrated. So without further ado, let’s dive right into the top three ways that you can implement to help secure your next love interest.

1. Maintaining eye contact: No, this doesn’t mean awkwardly staring at her. When they say that our eyes are the windows to our souls, it does have some credibility. Eye contact is a key factor when it comes to flirting, and establishes a connection with the other person of interest. According to a study conducted on the effects of “Mutual gaze”, it was concluded that strangers who maintained eye contact with each other for two minutes consistently led to a higher level of attraction towards each other. Now, this is not the sign for you to go ahead and pull some random person from off the streets and stare at them. However, the next time you’re out, try maintaining eye contact with the other person. Not only will this help with developing a better connection, but it will also indicate a level of confidence that people admire and enjoy.

2. Say “Cheese” and Smile: A smile can literally light up the room and the most cheerful people are always surrounded by those who love them. A smile is contagious and everyone wants to have it. It indicates happiness and warmth to those who encounter it. In a flirting scenario, a smile can help set the mood for the encounter while also lowering the guard of your person of interest. A smile is body language that helps the other person feel safer around you by indicating you have no ill-intents and you want to truly get to know and meet them.

3. Make them laugh: This might be easier for some people than others. Humor is a direct way for people to associate positive vibes with you. It helps them feel connected to you through a mutual understanding of what you guys enjoy. Do you guys enjoy silly cat videos? Making someone laugh will create a good impression of you when you learn how to flirt more effectively. Give it a shot and work on some opening lines.