How to Win a Woman’s Heart

Let me admit that the title of this program, ‘Unlock Her Legs’ is mind-provoking and it arouses thoughts of many guys. If you are looking for the perfect steps on how to win a woman, then this is the program you should invest your time in. Most men admit that they can give away everything in their possession to be in the company of the girl of their dreams. While it may seem like the perfect bait, the harsh truth is that it never works that way. If you find it hard to have a girl whom you can have a sexual relationship with, then there are some things you might be doing wrong.

What is in the Unlock Her Legs program?

The Scrambler Technique

Maybe you have noted that some guys seem to be natural magnets to ladies. Every time such a guy is in the presence of women, they will always be attracted to him. Armstrong Mutali illustrate what it takes to be a lady’s magnet and how to seduce women quickly. One of the things they suggest is you change how you converse with ladies. They not only teach how to win a woman but they also train you how to play with the lady’s mind and make them need more of you. Some guys are born with this technique, but in most cases, you can unlock it with the help of an expert.

Create the Chase Flex

Conventional wisdom informs us that it is the men who are always chasing women. How could it feel if it was the other way round? It could be magical when you have a hot girl chasing you, and you can make it happen using the following techniques.

  • Apply uncertainty. Most people who pose as relationship experts will tell you that you should be open when chasing your dream girl. However, this will not work if you are looking for the foolproof tips on how to win a woman. There should be some level of uncertainty in your relationship to make that lady to always think of you. She will always be seeking to know more about you and will thus be ready to spend more time with you.
  • Power. Some men get carried away by the wave and surrender their power to the woman they are chasing. Do not lose your power just because you are in the presence of a lady whom you think is out of your league. Ladies want to feel secure and adored, and once you lose this power, they will never unlock their legs for you.
  • Validation. Women want someone who can guide them as they make some decisions. The guide teaches you how to make your woman seek approval from you. This system also trains you how to avoid getting approval from your girl and make her think or believe that your selection is always perfect.
  • Anticipation. Your girl will get in the rhythm and anticipate every step/ move that you take/make. She will not be sure of the next thing that you will do which makes her attracted to you. This strategy is very effective because it easily turns the sex switch at the back of her mind.


• This program covers all possible scenarios. This program is comprehensive, and you can apply it on your co-worker, someone you want to school with a long time ago, that hot girl in your neighborhood or even the lady who has friend zoned you.

• You learn women psychology. Other than helping you bang that lady you have always dreamt of, you also learn how to make a woman want you.

• Based on scientific facts and research. The program has been prepared by two dating and relationship experts. The approach they are using is testable and verifiable which makes the program credible.

• Helps you gain control of the relationship. Once you get hold of her and lay her in your bed, you can then decide the direction you want this relationship to take. You can either decide to make her your girlfriend or a casual sex partner.


• Not for the impatient type. If you are looking for speed dating tips for men, then this might not be your program.

Where can you use this program?

• That girl that you messed up with in the past. You will learn how to make things happen and finally win her.

• That girl who put in the friend zone but you need more

• That hot girl in your workplace or class whom you think is out of your league

• The girl whom you went on a date with but gradually lost interest in you

• The girl you went to school with, but you are still in contact

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